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6-Color Roland 700

The ROLAND 700 HiPrint can be configured for two or twelve colors and a single or double coater as well as perfecting. It features a double size impression cylinder and touchless sheet transfer for print quality and application versatility.

Features include automatic format setting, automatic ink/roller blanket washers, and remote control inking. PPL (Power Plate Loading) is standard and APL (Automatic Plate Loading) is available. Also offered are automatic wash-up, sheet size and thickness changes and straight-to-perfecting mode changeover in less than a minute. Speeds are up to 17,000 sph in straight mode and 13,000 sph in perfecting mode.

To increase its performance, the ROLAND 700 HiPrint can be equipped with MAN Roland's QuickChange bundle of makeready enhancements. The option offers a series of automation modules that work together to accelerate changeover from job to job.

Maximum Sheet Size
Standard Format: 29.13 x 40.94 inches or 740 x 1040 mm
Optional Plus Format: 30.71 x 41.34 inches or 780 x 1050 mm

Maximum Image Area
Standard Format: 28.15 x 40.16 inches or 715 x 1020 mm
Optional Plus Format: 30.31 x 40.55 inches or 770 x 1030 mm
Perfecting Format: 27.56 x 40.16 inches or 700 x 1020 mm

Sheets Per Hour
HiPrint: 16,000 straight (17,000 optional)
12,000 perfecting (13,000 optional)
DirectDrive: 16,000 straight
13,000 perfecting