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Computer to Plate

Computer to plate (CTP) is an imaging technology used in modern printing processes. In this technology, an image created in a Desktop Publishing (DTP) application is output directly to a printing plate. CTP is available at Marrs Printing and Packaging. New technology that is totally filmless, completely digital.

With CTP, the digital art you create remains digital throughout the pre-press process, and right onto the printing plate. Registration remains intact. Art stays crisp. Photos, shadings, background tints - even the most subtle gradations, right down to the smallest shadow dot - all plate and print with absolute precision. The image coming off the press is closer to a clone of your original, not just a reproduction. You'll notice the quality.

Digital accuracy is just the beginning. You'll save production time. Jobs are stripped electronically and sent directly from the computer to the plate. There are fewer steps in preparing the job and last minute changes are easier with CTP. Late changes, even during a press check, are fast and fail-safe making corrections and re-plating faster and more economical than traditional methods. With CTP, blue-line proofs are replaced with a digital plotter color-line proof. Color breaks and positioning are right there - in color.