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Marrs Printing and Packaging is a one-stop provider. From a foundation of traditional print media they have evolved into one of the most complete printing and packaging providers in Southern California.


Modern high-volume lithography is used to produce posters, maps, books, newspapers, and packaging -just about any smooth, mass-produced item with print on it.

In this form of lithography, flexible aluminum or plastic printing plates are used. Modern printing plates have a brushed or roughened texture and are covered with a photosensitive emulsion. The image on the plate emulsion is created through direct laser imaging in a CTP (Computer-To-Plate) device called a platesetter.

The advent of desktop publishing made it possible for type and images to be manipulated easily on personal computers for eventual printing on desktop or commercial presses. The digital platesetter produces printing plates directly from digital input, a process known as computer to plate printing.

At Marrs, with CTP, the digital art you create remains digital throughout the pre-press process, and right onto the printing plate. Registration remains intact. Art stays crisp. Photos, shadings, background tints - even the most subtle gradations, right down to the smallest shadow dot - all plate and print with absolute precision. You'll save production time because there are fewer steps in preparing the job, getting your job to print faster.

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